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Free Match

WiFi-enabled, Black Diamond technology, multifunctional filter, cold plasma, up to 5 ticks performance, R32 refrigerant, 3 years general warranty.

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LED display, high-density filter, lets you enjoy healthy natural wind you deserve at any time.

U-Match Cassette

Compact design, DC inverter, easy maintainability makes our U-Match Cassette a highly sought-after series for both the commercial and residential sector.

U-Match Ducted

Intelligent defrosting, comprehensive protection, self-diagnosis, and adjustable static pressure are the standout advantages for our U-Match Ducted series.

image residential air conditioner types coolani


Power saving, soft start functions to lower its starting current by adjusting the start-up voltage, leading to postponing of wastage on the compressor.

product residential shiny portable aircon


An elegant, portable solution to your cooling needs. High dissipation system with high-efficiency atomisation to greatly improve the energy efficiency.

product residential t fresh


Beautifully integrated design with precise air-guiding, side-drawing filter for convenient cleaning, LED display, and touch control button.


Designed for your kitchen needs, with 7 layers of filter screen and anti-corrosion coating, resulting in lesser oil fume absorption.